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Egenis Director delivers lecture at Science Museum



Professor John Dupré delivered a keynote speech at a conference at the Science Museum in London.


The conference, organised by the London Consortium, brought together the Science Museum, Tate Modern, the Wellcome Trust and Birkbeck, University of London, to reconsider the divide between art and science.

Events were held over three days at three different venues to mark 50 years since scientist and novelist C.P. Snow, lecturing in Cambridge, delivered an influential and controversial address on the subject of ‘The Two Cultures and the Scientific Revolution’. He condemned the widening gap in knowledge and understanding between ‘literary intellectuals’ and ‘natural scientists’.

The London Consortium’s conference considered whether the gap identified by Snow has been addressed by an increase in the past few years in multidisciplinary work, or whether the distinctions between and within the two cultures have become even further entrenched.

The talk by Professor Dupré closed the second day of the conference. A day of lectures and discussions at Tate Modern followed on the Saturday, with speakers including Anthony Grayling, Jonathan Miller, and Oxford’s Professor for the Public Understanding of Science Marcus du Sautoy.

Further information about the London Consortium and its conference 'Art and Science Now: The Two Cultures in Question' can be found at the Consortium's website.


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