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First 'Questioning the Tree of Life' event



The Network held its first event in Pittsburgh.


The first formal event engaging members of the Questioning the Tree of Life Network has now taken place. The Network is being set up with the support of a . It will explore representations of evolutionary relationships between organisms, and particularly of how microbes interact genetically with one another across evolutionary time.

The Network was awarded two sessions at the Philosophy of Science Association biennial meeting which took place in Pittsburgh in November. The first session featured talks from Network members, among them Bill Martin (Heinrich-Heine Universität, Düsseldorf), who discussed the evolutionary implications of lateral gene transfer (LGT) and endosymbiosis, Eric Bapteste (UPMC, Paris), who argued that the assumption that the unique universal tree is a fact has pervaded phylogeny. The second Network session was devoted largely to discussion of the issues raised by the speakers in the first.

The next Network meeting will take place in Halifax , Nova Scotia, at the end of July. An additional activity will now include holding a Tree of Life philosophy session at the Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution (SMBE) meeting in Lyon in 2010. Meanwhile, the Network website is under development.Read the full report of the Pittsburgh meeting: TOL PSA report