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Egenis Director guests on 'Start the Week'



Professor John Dupré was a guest on the Radio 4 programme.


The programme, hosted by Andrew Marr, brings together guests from various fields in the arts and sciences as well as commentators on politics and current affairs. Professor Dupré was talking about the new book he has co-authored with Egenis co-director Professor Barry Barnes, , published by Chicago University Press on 15 December.

Other guests on the programme were Richard Susskind, author of The End of Lawyers? Rethinking the Nature of Legal Services, Paul Heritage, director of Amazonia, a production at London’s Young Vic theatre which combines Brazilian and British cultural forms to tell the stories from the Amazon, and Chris Bishop, Chief Research Scientist at Microsoft Research in Cambridge, who is giving this year’s Royal Institution Christmas Lectures.

The programme can be heard by visiting the Start the Week website.


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