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Open House for students



Come along on 5 December to find out about postgraduate study at Egenis.


Egenis Open House, from 12 - 2pm on Friday 5 December

Looking at postgraduate study options?Looking for a studentship?Look at Egenis.

Why not consider a PhD or masters study at Egenis, the ESRC Centre for Genomics in Society? We are a multidisciplinary research centre, part of the Department of Sociology and Philosophy, HuSS. We are home to a lively community of masters and PhD students drawn from a wide range of disciplines, currently including sociology, philosophy, psychology, biology and law. We have a range of funding options available for 2009/10.

In addition to PhD supervision, Egenis teaches two masters programmes:

Come and learn more over light refreshments at the Egenis Open House, from 12 - 2pm on Friday 5 December. Meet the researchers who will be your tutors and mentors, meet our current postgraduate students, and find out about the opportunities awaiting you.

Egenis, Byrne House, St German’s Road (just beyond Lafrowda House).Or call Saira on 269140 (internal 5140)


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