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Art at the National Theatre



Work by Egenis artist in residence Deborah Robinson has been displayed at the National Theatre in London.


The Art of Bioethics II Exhibition, convened by the Arts Bioethic Network, was on show in the foyer of the National Theatre on Tuesday for one day only.

The Network aims to promote critical engagement between artists and non-artists. The exhibition was part of a symposium entitled Arts & Technology: The Role of the Arts in Democratic Policy Making, which explored how the arts can shape and develop public policy. It was organised by BioCentre, a think-tank focusing on emerging technologies and their ethical, social and political implications. The art exhibition was on display throughout the symposium.

Deborah Robinson was Egenis's Artist in Residence from April to September 2004 and in 2007. As an Associate Fellow she continues to be closely associated with Egenis.


Deborah Robinson