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British Council grant for international collaboration



Egenis researchers have been awarded £3,300 by the British Council.


The grant will support a multidisciplinary collaboration with researchers from the prestigious Max Planck Institute for the History of Science in Berlin.

Funded by the Council’s British German Academic Research Collaboration programme, the project will foster co-operation between two groups of young researchers at the Max Planck Institute and at Egenis. The groups will explore different dimensions of the scientific, medical, and cultural practices connected to reproduction throughout the 20th century. The grant funds travel to two workshops and mutual exchange visits. The collaboration brings together historical expertise, sociological analysis and philosophical reflection on science, society, arts and ethics.

Dr Christine Hauskeller, project leader on the Egenis side, says: “Life sciences are both scientifically very prominent and heavily debated in public. However, there is little philosophical and historical work on the specifics of how developments occur. We combine philosophical, historical, and sociological projects and research experience related to the topic of reproduction in terms of understandings of original, reproduction and copy and how these relate and progress throughout the practices of and developments in the life sciences. We aim to illuminate how reproduction as an abstract concept, with multiple specific meanings in scientific and artistic practice and theories, evolved in close exchange with wider cultural contexts.”

The workshops are scheduled for April 2009 in Exeter (Objects of Reproduction) and April 2010 in Berlin (Methods of Reproduction). A conference, provisionally entitled “Reproduction in the 20th century. Embryos, Cells and Clones”, is envisaged for July 2010 in Berlin.

For more information contact Dr Christine Hauskeller, c.hauskeller@ex.ac.uk.