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BA Festival of Science slot for Egenis Fellow



Egenis Senior Research Fellow Dr Christine Hauskeller was among the speakers at this year’s BA Festival of Science.


One of Europe’s largest science festivals, the BA Festival took place in Liverpool from 6-11 September with a programme including talks, plays, debates and hands-on activities exploring science, engineering and technology. Dr Hauskeller was one of the speakers at an event entitled “Race Matters: Rethinking Race and Identity”, which took place at the Eleanor Rathbone Theatre at the University of Liverpool on Monday, 8 September. The discussion explored how our understandings of race are challenged by new developments in the biological sciences, asking how sociology and biology can work together to make sense of what 'race' means in relation to concepts of 'genetic identity' in the 21st century. Dr Hauskeller looked at how the initial promise of genomic technology, that it would transcend traditional discriminatory classifications, has not been fulfilled. Instead, genetic tests to establish ethnic belonging reinforce prevailing stereotypes. The other speakers at the session, which included a panel discussion with opportunities for members of the audience to contribute, were Professor Steve Fuller (University of Warwick), Dr Gavin Schaffer (University of Portsmouth), and Mr Chris Renwick ( University of Leeds ). Find out more about the BA Festival of Science.


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