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Visiting US academic gives public lecture



Anthropologist Hannah Landecker from Rice University, Texas, gave a public talk as part of the ‘Cellular Spaces’ workshop.


Professor Landecker's talk was entitled ‘It Is What it Eats: An epigenetic history of cells in nutrient media’. Part of the Egenis-organised 'Cellular Spaces' workshop, the talk tookplace in Conference Rooms 1&2 of the XFI Building at the University of Exeter at 5.00pm on Monday, 30 June, and was followed by a drinks reception.

The CBAR workshop ‘Cellular Spaces’ took place at Egenis on 30 June - 1 July. Its theme was the classification of cells in biology, medicine and, in particular, stem cell research, how distinctions between cells are marked and how the relevant qualities for marking are identified and negotiated.

Professor Landecker’s major interests are the anthropology of biotechnology and biomedicine; the history of 20th century biotechnology and cell biology in North America and Europe; science and representation; and the relationship of social sciences to biological sciences. Her new book is called Culturing Life: How cells became technologies.


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