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Director quizzed

Issued 28.03.2013: released 28.03.2013


Professor is a panellist on the BBC radio show The 3rd Degree


BBC Radio 4’s lively quiz show, The 3rd Degree featured teams from the University of Exeter, one of which included Egenis Director John Dupré, on Monday, 1 April. The show will be broadcast again on Saturday 6 April at 11pm.

The show, which is hosted by comedian Steve Punt, pitted Professors Dupré (Philosophy), Robbie MacDonald (Biosciences), and Michelle Ryan (Psychology), against undergraduates Laurence Belcher, Anna Clifford, and Jack Griffiths from the same subjects. – world-leading specialists in their fields of psychology, bioscience and philosophy - against a team of three undergraduates, who The rounds vary between specialist and general knowledge, quickfire bell-and-buzzer rounds, and the show’s signature round, ‘Highbrow, Lowbrow’, in which the students’ knowledge of current affairs, history and science is tested along with their professors’ understanding of Big Brother, Lionel Messi and Lady Gaga.

While the show has all the rigour of a formal quiz, with questions and scoring approached in serious fashion, there is also a light-hearted and witty angle, as the students attempt to get one over on their more learned opponents.

The 3rd Degree travels to universities around the country, and Exeter was one of six venues chosen for the current series.