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Co-director retires



One of Egenis’s founding Directors, Professor Steve Hughes, has retired.


Steve brought to Egenis more than 20 years’ experience as a research and innovation manager in the food, agriculture (plant breeding) and biotechnology industries in Italy and the UK (he is cited as inventor on five biotechnology-related patents). Steve's research focused on the impact of advanced genomics-based tools for agronomy, plant breeding and food production on local agricultural practices. Prior to joining the EGN he had been Unilever Industrial Research Professor in the School of Biological Sciences at the University of Exeter, and Visiting Professor of Biotechnology at West Virginia State College. He has been made an Emeritus Professor at the University.

"As well as his biological expertise Steve brought with him a remarkable enthusiasm for public engagement with science, particularly through visual art," said Egenis Director John Dupré. "He worked closely with our artist-in-residence, , and ensured that our home, Byrne House, was always filled with fascinating artwork. We will miss his energy, his insight and his sense of fun, but look forward to his regular visits as an honorary fellow."

Steve's continuing involvement includes organising the 'Stocks and docks' series of art/science workshops - the next is at the RAMM on 7 November.

At a party to mark Steve’s retirement Egenis also said goodbye to a number of research fellows who are moving on. Daniele Carrieri has a research post at SHM in London. Jean Harrington is also moving to London, where she is now a Research Fellow at King’s College, and Michael Morrison is going to Helex in Oxford.


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