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Revaluing science



Sabina Leonelli was invited to speak at the Royal Society.


Egenis Senior Lecturer Sabina Leonelli was invited to speak at a meeting jointly organised by the Royal Society and the International Council for Science (ICSU) in September.

The meeting explored the challenges of managing ‘big data’ for science and society, and particularly the extent to which science itself is changing with the introduction of new data-intensive methods. Dr Leonelli, whose talk was entitled ‘Shifting scientific norms in the digital age’, contributed to an ICSU Advisory Note, Revaluing Science in the Digital Age, due be released shortly, which recommends strongly that investment is directed to the curation of data (not just their long-term storage).

In collaboration with the GARNet network of plant scientists, Dr Leonelli also organised a conference at the University of Exeter in July, ‘Making Data Accessible to All’, which gathered together representatives of the main journal, publishing houses and funders supporting data sharing in plant science. A report from that meeting, which examines the current state of data publishing and summarizes relevant recommendations to scientists, publishers and funders, is now available from the GARNet website./p>