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Article on evolutionary theory among Project Syndicate's 'most read'.


Egenis Director John Dupré has welcomed the ‘crisis’ in evolutionary theory in an article for Project Syndicate, a not-for-profit association of some 420 leading newspapers with a circulation of more than 70 million in 150 countries around the world. The article is among Project Syndicate's 'most read', 'most commented' and 'most shared'.

In 'Evolutionary Theory’s Welcome Crisis', Professor Dupré suggests that the 'crisis' is a welcome development, a progressive reorganisation of existing knowledge. He writes: "Disagreement – and the deeper insights that result from it – enables new approaches to scientific understanding," adding: "For science, unlike for dogmatic belief systems, disagreement is to be encouraged."

Project Syndicate aims to create an extended "international conversation" on issues of vital interest around the world, particularly those related to science and medicine, and counts a number of Nobel laureates among its commentators.

More information on Project Syndicate’s mission, its member papers, and contributors can be found on its website.


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