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Green and bronze



Egenis receives bronze 'Green Impact' environmental award.


All the staff and students at Egenis have been working hard to try to reduce their collective carbon footprint, and their efforts have been recognised with a ‘Green Impact’ bronze award from the Green Impact Universities environmental accreditation scheme.

Green Impact is run locally by the University of Exeter but managed across several higher education institutions by the Environmental Association for Universities and Colleges (EAUC). Departments can work their way towards sustainability from bronze through to gold awards.

Research Fellow Daniele Carrieri attended a presentation ceremony to collect the award on behalf of the Egenis Green Impact team - Daniele himself and administrators Sue Harding and Natasha Simcock.

"This is just the first step," said Daniele. "More than half the departments across the University of Exeter’s three campuses have joined this scheme and Egenis is very proud to be one of them. We want to keep working on sustainability and we are aiming for the gold award."