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Egenis Associate’s biology textbook



Egenis Associate Fellow John Bryant is the co-author of a new plant physiology textbook.


Functional Biology of Plants, co-authored by Prof Bryant and Martin Hodson, is aimed at researchers as well as students. It provides essential information on molecular and cellular processes so that the reader can understand how they are integrated into the development and function of the plant at whole-plant level.

The book, which is beautifully illustrated, is divided into four parts. Part 1: Genes and Cells, looks at the origins of plants, cell structure, biochemical processes and genes and development. Part 2: The Functioning Plant, describes the structure and function of roots, stems, leaves, flowers and seed and fruit development. Part 3: Interactions and Adaptations, examines environmental and biotic stresses and how plants adapt and acclimatise to these conditions. Part 4: Future Directions, illustrates the great importance of plant research by looking at some well chosen, topical examples such as GM crops, biomass and bio-fuels, loss of plant biodiversity and the question of how to feed the planet.

Functional Biology of Plants, Martin J. Hodson, John A. Bryant, published by Wiley-Blackwell, price £34.99, ISBN: 978-0-470-69939-3


Edinburgh International Book Festival