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‘Beautiful’ thesis wins award



Dr Anna Harris has won an award for her ‘beautiful thesis’.


Egenis Research Fellow has been given the Dean’s Award for Excellence in the PhD Thesis at the University of Melbourne, Australia. ‘Overseas doctors in Australian hospitals: an ethnographic study of how degrees of difference are negotiated in medical practice’, was submitted to the Centre for Health and Society, University of Melbourne.

Anna was one of five recipients of the Dean's Award for Excellence in a PhD thesis. Her thesis tells the story of the hurdles faced by overseas doctors working in Australia, including the struggle to be recognised and the challenges of adjusting to local practice when they start working in Australian hospitals.

"Anna's thesis is beautiful and she's injected her creativity into it," said Anna's PhD supervisor, Associate Professor Marilys Guillemin.

The University of Melbourne website has an article about Anna's thesis, as well as a photograph of Anna's sister, Chelsea, receivng the award on Anna's behalf. The article quotes this comment from one of the examiners: "This is an exceptional thesis, and one which I read with great pleasure—indeed, I read it twice simply because it was so rich with ideas and such an enjoyable literary experience."