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Facts - but not fictions - from the EGN conference



Read reports from the EGN conference on the conference blog.


The EGN conference is over for another year. was a very successful gathering of scholars from around the globe, showcasing and celebrating a decade of research excellence in the social science of bioscience innovation.

More than 170 delegates converged on the British Library to hear some 70 speakers address topics ranging across the field of human genetics and genomics, exploring the societal changes these may bring and the ethical issues raised. The relationship between the promises and fictions of genomics and the social realities emerging during its development appeared as a key theme.

If you couldn't be there, or if you were there but found yourself, as so many of us did, wishing you could be in two rooms at once as parallel sessions competed for your interest, visit the conference blog for reports from all the sessions.

The conference also generated a considerable amount of social media “buzz”, with delegates tweeting using the dedicated conference hashtag #gensoc.


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