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Focus on health research



A new research group based at Egenis is seeking collaborators from across the University, and beyond.


The 'Health, Technology and Society' (HTS) research group headed by , Senior Research Fellow at Egenis, is organising an on 10 May, ‘Bridging the gap between the sociologies of diagnosis and intervention’.

Confirmed speakers for the workshop, which will be held at Egenis, include Dr Sarah Nettleton (Dept of Sociology, University of York) and Dr Celia Roberts (Dept of Sociology/Centre for Science Studies, Lancaster University). The workshop is supported by a grant from the Foundation for the Sociology of Health and Illness.

The HTS group aims to serve as a focus for interdisciplinary research involving social aspects of emerging medical technologies particularly of diagnosis and intervention. HTS research explores social aspects of technological innovation in the life sciences, health and medicine.

In addition to research collaborations, the group is collaborating by co-hosting events such as with the SCuLe research group in Law and meeting with staff from other departments and groups for potential collaboration including PCMD.

The core members of the group are engaged in research addressing a wide range of health related technologies, with a particular focus on the mainstreaming of genetics/genomics in medicine and early childhood disorders. They have considerable expertise studying the role of genetics/genomics in diagnosis, health systems, and experiences of patients, consumers, families and health care professionals.

Read the report from the HTS inaugural symposium.