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Egenis now hosts meetings of the University of Exeter’s Biological Interest Group (BIG).


The group discusses matters of interest in the history, philosophy and sociology of science centring around readings of works presented by the author, and often relate to the Egenis seminar later the same day. Attendance and participation is open to all regardless of disciplinary affiliation, and there is no requirement to register.

At the next meeting, on Monday 27 February, Dr Michael Morrison, a research fellow at Egenis, will be leading the discussion based on one of his papers which has very recently been accepted for publication, 'Promissory futures and possible pasts: the dynamics of contemporary expectations in regenerative medicine'.

The group will meet, as it does every two weeks, from 1-2pm, in Byrne House.

Egenis Senior Lecturer Dr Sabina Leonelli who, together with PhD student James Lowe organises the group, said: "It’s great to strengthen our links across the different Colleges within the university, and this group also helps to strengthen the interdisciplinarity of Egenis, of which we are very proud.

"The reading group is quite informal and staff and students from every part of the university are welcome to join us for what is always a very intersting discussion.”

There is more about Exeter BIG on the group’s website.


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