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Processes of Life



The latest book by Egenis Director John Dupré is a collection of essays on the philosophy of biology.


The new book by Professor Dupré explores the recent revolutionary developments in biology and their implications for our understanding of human nature and human society.

Processes of Life, a collection of essays in the philosophy of biology, is published by Oxford University Press.

As the publisher explains: “(Professor) Dupré shows the importance of microbiology for a proper understanding of the living world, and reveals how it subverts such basic biological assumptions as the organisation of biological kinds on a branching tree of life, and the simple traditional conception of the biological organism.

“The volume includes a section that recapitulates and expands some of the author's general views on science; a section addressing a range of topics in biology, including the significance of genomics, the nature of the organism and the current status of evolutionary theory; and a section exploring some implications of contemporary biology for humans.”

And as Professor Dupré himself says: “I hope that these essays will provide at least a sketch of a plausible general view of living processes that is emerging from our best science, point out the flaws in some still popular misconceptions about life, and assist the less expert reader in reaching more judicious assessments of some of the marginally scientific claims with which we are all constantly confronted.”