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Sabina Leonelli selected for Global Young Academy


The Global Young Academy is an organisation which selects 200 top early-career scientists around the globe to identify and voice science-related issues of relevance to policy and society – and , Senior Lecturer at Egenis, has been chosen as one of those 200.

According to the Academy, members are selected “for the excellence of their science and their commitment to service”. Members serve for a four-year term. “The vibrancy of the GYA results from the energy of its members who are passionate about the role of science in creating a better world.” the organisation says. “I am honoured and excited,” said Sabina. “My hope is to go to Davos next year to discuss science policy in the digital age.”

As the “voice of young scientists around the world,” the Global Young Academy aims to empower young scientists, providing a rallying point for them to come together to address topics of global importance. The GYA grew out of discussions at the World Economic Forum “Summer Davos” meetings in 2008 and 2009 and was officially founded in February 2010 The group aims to provide new insights on major challenges in scientific capacity-building and science-based education, policy and international issues. Current working groups focus on Early Scientific Careers, Science-Society Dialogue, Science-Education, and Interdisciplinary Research.