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Stem cell pioneers discuss breakthroughs



Senior Research Fellow speaks at conference of world-leading stem cell researchers.


Dr Christine Hauskeller spoke on ‘Pluripotency: iPS cells and the shaping of stem cell science’ to a conference of world leaders in the field of stem cells supported by the European Cancer Stem Cell Research Institute (ECSCRI).

Participants from across the UK, the USA, Germany, Canada and Singapore were invited by Professor Peter Andrews to meet at the National Museum of Wales in Cardiff for the Abcam Conference "Rediscovering Pluripotency: From Teratocarcinomas to Embryonic Stem Cells." The experts included Professor Sir Martin Evans, joint winner of the 2007 Nobel Prize for his part in the discovery of embryonic stem cells.

Professor Alan Clarke, Director of the European Cancer Stem Cell Research Institute, said: "We know there may be more similarities between cancer stem cells and normal stem cells. We need further research to identify and characterise these cells and then identify therapeutic strategies which can single out and destroy them. The findings of the Abcam Conference will therefore be highly relevant to our work at the ECSCRI.”

Abcam is a company specialising in antibody sourcing and production.


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