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Call for 'Pugwash' papers



The first call for papers for an international workshop co-organised by Dr Alison Kraft has been issued.


‘Writing Pugwash Histories. From Hiroshima and Nagasaki to Kabul and Gaza’ will take place on 10-12 May next year at the University of Vienna.

The Pugwash movement took its name from the location of its first meeting in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia in 1957. Animated by concerns about the development of nuclear weapons and the dangers of nuclear war, it sought to bring together scientists, scholars and policy figures across the hostile frontiers of the Cold War. To date, 59 “Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs” and numerous workshops have been held in various regions of the world.

“Although the Pugwash movement has an international presence, it is embedded in very different scientific, social and political configurations in different countries and regions,” explains Dr Kraft. “Literature about the Cold War has to date yielded only a small number of informative studies of the Pugwash movement. Yet because of its nature, the movement offers an outstanding opportunity to consider national and international connections between science and politics, which became increasingly complex during the second half of the 20th century”.

The workshop seeks to bring together scholars working on diverse aspects of the history of the Pugwash movement in different countries and to examine methodological approaches, documentation and archival sources.

Proposals are invited from scholars in the history of science, social and political history, and related disciplines. You should either have worked directly on the history of the Pugwash movement or addressed it in the course of other research. Proposals related to ongoing PhD or postdoctoral projects are particularly welcome.

A one-page proposal and brief CV in English should be submitted to office_sachse.zeitgeschichte@univie.ac.at by 31 October, 2011. Further details are available from Dr Kraft at a.kraft@exeter.ac.uk or from the University of Vienna at office_sachse.zeitgeschichte@univie.ac.at

The workshop is sponsored by the Institute for Contemporary History, University of Vienna, and Arbeitskreis Historische Friedensforschung (AKHF), and organised by Silke Fengler (University of Vienna), Holger Nehring (University of Sheffield, AKHF), Carola Sachse (University of Vienna) and Dr. Kraft.