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Sexuality in Salt Lake City



Prof John Dupré took part in a public debate in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.


Egenis Director Professor John Dupré joined the panel for an evening debate organised by the University of Utah’s Department of Philosophy. ‘Evolution, Gender, and Sexuality’ took place at the City Library in Salt Lake City on Thursday 14 July.

The evening saw experts review scientific and philosophical work which challenges traditional notions of biological normalcy and rethinks intimate notions of gender and sexuality in a broader evolutionary history. Prof Dupré was joined by Lisa Diamond, of the Department of Psychology, University of Utah, and Elisabeth Lloyd, Chair of History and Philosophy of Science, University of Indiana. The audience of around 150 people responded with great enthusiasm to a very lively debate.

“Notions of gender and sexuality are intimately connected to judgments of normalcy and abnormalcy,” said the organisers. “These judgments of normalcy and abnormalcy have both a biological and a moral component to them. What is biologically normal, it is commonly thought, points to what is morally normal. But what is biological normalcy as it relates to gender and sexuality?”

The event was part of the Biohumanities Public Forum Lecture Series, which aims to bring interdisciplinary academic conversations to a general audience. It was sponsored by the University of Utah Tanner Humanities Center, Equality Utah, and The City Library.