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Registration open for Geneva meeting



NIPD experts brought together by Egenis at Brocher Foundation


Registrations are now being accepted for a symposium organised by Egenis researchers at the prestigious Brocher Foundation in Geneva.

‘New developments in non-invasive prenatal genetic testing: Ethical, legal and social implications’, is being organised by Dr Susan Kelly and Dr Hannah Farrimond with Professor Mildred Cho, Director of the Centre for the Integration of Research on Genomics and Ethics (CIRGE), Stanford University.

The symposium, which takes place on 10-11 November 2011, will bring together experts from around the world who are currently engaging with non-invasive prenatal genetic diagnosis (NIPD) development to consider emerging practice, ethical, legal and social implications. It will address questions such as: What development efforts are currently underway? Do NIPD technologies raise new questions about the moral and public health justifications for routine antenatal screening and testing? Do these technologies raise particular concerns for vulnerable groups? What can we learn about potential impacts of NIPD from the history of antenatal screening? How are intellectual property and regulatory issues shaping the development of NIPD internationally?

It is hoped the event will also lead to the creation of an international, interdisciplinary ‘network of expertise’ about the ethical, legal and social implications of NIPD among scientists, bio-ethicists, social scientists and health policy researchers. Such a network could be called upon to advise governments and other regulators as they develop policies on the clinical implementation of NIPD.

Registration is limited to 30 participants. 150 CHF are requested to register. For further details on registering for the symposium please contact: Susan Kelly or Hannah Farrimond at Egenis: s.e.kelly@exeter.ac.uk, h.r.farrimond@exeter.ac.uk or Marie Grosclaude at the Brocher: scientificprog@brocher.ch

The Brocher Foundation is a non-profit making institution which exists to facilitate multidisciplinary study of the ethical, social and legal issues of medical research and new medical technologies.