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BMJ editorial



Co-director Dr Christine Hauskeller writes for the BMJ.


The BMJ has published an editorial by Egenis co-director Dr Christine Hauskeller. In the article 'Direct-to-consumer genetic testing', Dr Hauskeller argues that regulation is currently insufficient and that international industry certification is necessary.

"The validity and clinical utility of the tests currently available varies greatly," she writes. "Although results given by some tests may be well founded, other genetic testing products have been described as scientifically meaningless."

Dr Hauskeller notes that a globally acting, internet-based industry cannot be forced to comply with laws or regulations that are binding only country by country, and suggests that one solution might be to introduce an international product quality certificate that controls for compliance with ethical standards, provisions for counselling, and stringent standards of scientific validity.

"Obtaining such a product quality certificate would be voluntary, yet should bring market advantages ... The availability of certified products would enable consumers to choose tests that they know meet high scientific and high ethical standards," she writes.

The BMJ offers access to the full article online.


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