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European grant success



Egenis co-director wins €70,000 EU funding as part of clinical trials project.


Dr Christine Hauskeller has won €70,000 EU FP7 funding for research into international scientific practice and ethical harmonisation. She is one of 21 European partners in a €6 million clinical trial project for which the European Commission has approved funding. The clinical trial is intended to be a definitive study testing whether in acute myocardial infarction the injection of autologous stem cells from the patient’s bone marrow is beneficial for the patient.

The Egenis research component consists of an ethnographic and interview study with the investigators and researchers. The aim is to analyse the local infrastructure, implementation processes and practice in conducting trials in the different EU nations. The comparison will be of great importance for the development of EU-wide regulations in research and medical innovation, and will underpin a better understanding of global scientific practice and the possibilities of transferring and sharing study designs across diverse institutional and cultural settings.

Dr Hauskeller and members of her stem cell group have been working in this field for many years. She will support the clinical project partners from the beginning in the implementation and harmonisation of the trial, in particular regarding ethics approval in the participating institutions/countries. The project is over five years, scheduled to begin in September 2011.