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Stem cells science forum



Deputy director joins panel debate


Egenis deputy director Dr Christine Hauskeller took part in a public discussion on issues surrounding the use of stem cells in medicine. ‘Stem cells in medicine: scientific, ethical and economic issues’ was the title of a day-long public forum at the Public Hall in Budleigh Salterton on Friday, 4 February.

Dr Hauskeller spoke on ‘The ethical challenges of stem cell science: Moral pluralism, governance, and cultural differences’. She was joined on the panel by Dr Lesley Chow of Imperial College, London, and Dr Timothy Allsopp of Pfizer Regenerative Medicine. The chair is Prof Peter Revell, Emeritus Professor at UCL.

Each of the panellists gave a talk, then Prof Revell chaired a discussion on the proposition that ‘Stem cell development and commercial exploitation is good for our society and an inevitable consequence of modern medical research’.


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