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Egenis postgraduate day



Egenis PhD students organise a day of presentations.


In the first event of its kind at the centre, Egenis PhD students this week presented their work to their supervisors and other academics.

In a day organised by the students themselves, eight students each gave a 20-minute presentation on their projects, followed by some rigorous questioning.

"There were some splendid presentations and it was an excellent event," said Egenis director Professor John Dupré.

"Not only was it extremely useful for all of us to practise presenting, but by bringing everyone in Egenis together and providing a forum in which we were able to hear about each other’s research, it really enabled us to draw on the interdisciplinary perspectives available at Egenis to help develop our own work," said David Wyatt, whose PhD project is on the use of DNA in police practice.

Students presenting were:

Ginny Russell - “Reflections on an interdisciplinary research project”

Josephine Donaghy – “Biological individuality: A brief overview of existing accounts of biological individuality and some of the challenges raised by current work in microbiology”

Pietro Berti - “A sociological analysis of UK governmental consultations on emerging technology: the biofuels debate”

Kai Wang – “Case Study: A Story of the Beijing Genomics Institute)”

Mila Petrova – “Transformations and re-locations of evidence in health research synthesis studies”

Chris Elphick – “Exploring the implications of psychiatric genetic testing”

David Wyatt – “How DNA matters: An ethnographic study of police practice”

Ann-Sophie Barwich – “Preliminary Considerations on Reference and Representation”


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