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Understanding Personalised Medicine



Research Fellow addresses prestigious US conference


Dr Sabina Leonelli was invited to speak at a conference organised by the Chemical Heritage Foundation, one of the most important bodies for the public understanding of science in the USA. ‘Personalizing Medicine Here and Now: Empirical Studies of Post-Genomic Medicine’, was held on 6-7 May and was attended by clinicians as well as academics, with invited speakers from Europe, Canada and Japan as well as the USA.

Dr Leonelli’s paper, ‘When humans are the exception: Cyberinfrastructure across species’, focused on the cyberinfrastructure and information flow needed to make personalized medicine work in the future. She examined the databases developed to compare available data on human subjects with data collected on model organisms and argued that more collaborative efforts are needed to make sure that the published data are reliable and re-usable by both clinicians and biologists. Cross-species databases are particularly relevant to the future implementation of personalized medicine: they are the tools used to shape and access the evidence base for post-genomic medicine, which encompasses results coming from both medical and biological research.