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Interior Traces at Dartington



Deputy Director discusses radio drama's vision of the future


Egenis deputy director Dr Christine Hauskeller was one of the panellists discussing radio drama Interior Traces at an event at Dartington Hall, Totnes.

Interior Traces has already been performed at the Cheltenham Science Festival and at the Science Museum's Dana Centre with Dr Hauskeller's participation.

The drama tells the stories of two people struggling to regain control over their lives, in a future when brain scans and genetic tests are part of everyday life. The play explores how changing ways of seeing the brain have changed how we see ourselves, putting radio actors on stage with live musicians and projected videos. Following a performance last week, Dr Hauskeller discussed the play’s vision of the future with Professor Melanie Williams from the University of Exeter, Dr Paul Broks from the University of Plymouth, and Steve Fleming from University College London.


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