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Exploring data-driven research



Research Fellow Sabina Leonelli instigates new project.


Dr Leonelli's new project explores in the biological and biomedical sciences, “This project examines the characteristics of data-driven research and its significance for future research,” said Dr Leonelli. “The aim is to reach an understanding of how new forms of data collection and use affect the production of scientific knowledge, and of the role played by theory and hypotheses in this process.”

Some of the questions the project will examine are: if data-driven research constitutes a distinctive mode of knowledge production, how can it be characterised, and how innovative is it with respect to existing or past scientific practices? What is the role of theoretical assumptions and hypotheses within research practices that are currently referred to as data-driven, and what are the relationships more generally between data-driven and hypothesis-driven research?

The project will culminate in a workshop bringing together leading scholars from the field of science and technology studies. Dr Leonelli has been awarded a British Academy grant worth £4,000 to help fund this gathering. The project is intended to produce an edited volume on data-driven research or a special issue of an international journal.