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Launch of Egenis

Issued 21.11.2007: released 10.03.2003


The official launch of Egenis was held on Monday March 3rd.


We were all delighted with the launch. It was a great meeting of academics and researchers from a range of disciplines from sociologists through to biologists, lawyers and medical practitioners.

Guests from the University, the Peninsular Medical School, Plymouth University, the ESRC and Exeter City Council turned out as well as academics from Egenis's sister Centres in Edinburgh and Lancaster: Innogen and Cesagen.

A discussion on genetic testing featuring Philip Webb of the Human Genetics Commission, Dr. Gareth Roberts from the private firm Sciona, Dr Julia Rankin, a clinician from the RD & E hospital, lawyer Sheila Dziobon and sociologist Prof. Barry Barnes, the co-director of Egenis, provoked a lively debate. The occasion was chaired by Prof. John Dupre, the centre director. This was followed by a buck’s fizz reception and a talk by the Vice Chancellor Steve Smith.

Finally, Professor Malcolm Grant, the chairman of the Agricultural and Environmental Biotechnology Commission gave an interesting lecture on GM and the public consultation that the government plans to carry out this year. It was attended by a Cross-section of the public and the University, including organic farmers, Greenpeace and members of Friends of the Earth as well as students, scientists and researchers working in the field. It is this cross fertilization across different strata of society that we are seeking to promote in our work.

We had coverage on BBC Radio Devon, Spotlight, Gemini FM and as well as articles in the Times Higher, Western Morning News and the Express and Echo. Hopefully all this media attention will raise the profile of the Centre, and the core research we'll be addressing on the impact of Genomics on Society.