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Chris Elphick 'Exploring the clinical validity and utility of psychiatric genetic tests'

Seminar   12.01.2010






Chris Elphick, Egenis PhD Student

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University of Exeter,Egenis,Byrne House,St Germans Road,Exeter, EX4 4PJRoom no: GF7, Byrne House

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Start Time: 3:30

Exploring the clinical validity and utility of psychiatric genetic tests

This seminar will be based around my first year of research into my PhD on the potential uses of genetic research and genetic tests in a clinical setting. I want to take you through all of the relevant events that led me to where I am today. I would like to discuss how the following have all contributed to the development of this project so far;

Different approaches to conventional psychiatry.

The terms clinical validity and clinical utility.

What is mental illness?

The research that has gone into the developments in psychiatric genetics as well as the release of the world’s first psychiatric genetic tests.

This seminar is not intended to be a demonstration of the work that I have completed so far in a completely academic context. The intention is to take you through all of the things that I have learned over the past year and how these have developed and shaped my individual approaches and thoughts towards psychiatry and how this in turn has shaped my project so far. Everyone is welcome.

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