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Negotiating Identity: Objects and Methods of Reproduction in 20th Century Life Sciences

Workshop   03.04.2009





Organised by

Max Plank Institute for the History of Science, Berlin and Egenis

This workshop is sponsored by the British Council (Germany) Academic Research Collaboration scheme, a British-German initiative of the British Council and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).


Byrne House, University of Exeter

Event details

The workshop aims to scope various aspects and notions of reproduction.


9.30 Introduction Christina Brandt and Christine Hauskeller9.45 Theories and Concepts Marco Liverani: Walter Benjamin and the Mechanical Reproduction of Life John Dupre: The Concept of Reproduction in Evolutionary Models Staffan Mueller-Wille: Reproduction: History of a Concept Coffee break Models and Contexts I Bettina Bock von Wuelfingen: Genetics of reproduction Florence Vienne: The sperm cell as a new scientific object in the 19th century Dana Wilson-Kovacs: Sperm and hereditary sexual deviance Steve Hughes: Endosperm, site of sexual conflict but we can't live without itbr />12.30 -1.30 Lunch Models and Contexts II Christina Brandt: Reproduction, Replication, Reprogramming Kimberley Leighton: Reproducing traits? Adoption as reproduction Susan Kelly: The maternal/fetal interface Christine Hauskeller: Regulating populations: access to ART? Coffee break Models and Contexts III Jean Harrington: Animal models in the laboratory Mathias Grothe: Reproducing genes in bacteria: The plasmid concept and a prehistory of recombinant DNA Sabina Leonelli: Standardisation of organisms through 'digitalisation' for the purposes of reproduction Maria Kronfelder: Differential Reproduction as a Conceptual Model for Cultural Evolution

19.00 Dinner

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