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What Cells and Genes Say About Who We Are

Workshop   12.03.2009





Organised by

Dr Sabine Brauckmann, University of Tartu and Dr Christine Hauskeller, Egenis


Tartu University Library

Event details

In an exciting new collaboration Senior Research Fellow Dr Christine Hauskeller is co-organising a workshop on identity in the genomic era in Tartu, Estonia.

‘What Cells and Genes Say About Who We Are’ is an open panel discussion organised in association with Dr Sabine Brauckmann from the Science Centre at the University of Tartu, taking place Thursday, 12 March.

On the panel from the University of Tartu are Anne Kull of the Department of Theology, Toivo Maimets of the Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology, and Andres Soosaar of the Department of Public Health, as well as Dr Hauskeller and Andres Metspalu of the Estonian Genome Project.

“We live in the age of biotechnology with biobanks storing our DNA, scientists creating biomaterial hybrids for cell-based therapies of cancer, and when personal genomes will become available as public commons on the Internet,” say the workshop organisers. “In this workshop we will present the challenges we are facing, communicate recent experimental data and put up for discussion some issues concerning identity in the age of molecular data.”

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