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Human Nature/Human Nurture: A Panel Discussion

Public event   31.10.2008






Moderator:Prof Regenia Gagnier (Exeter) Discussants:Prof. Sir Patrick Bateson FRS (Cambridge)Author of Design for a Life: How behavior and personality develop Prof. Peter Gluckman FRS (Auckland)Author of Mismatch - why our world no longer fits our bodies Prof. Paul E. Griffiths (Sydney and Exeter)Author of Sex and Death: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Biology Associate Professor Lenny Moss (Exeter)Author of What Genes Can’t Do Dr Karola Stotz (Sydney)

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Funded by the Australian Research Council


University of Exeter,Egenis,Byrne House,St Germans Road,Exeter, EX4 4PJRoom no: GF7, Byrne House

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Time: 5:00 PM

The idea of human nature has a longstanding association with nature rather than nurture, and more recently with genetics rather than environment. But current understanding of human development points in a very different direction. The patterns of gene expression that underpin normal human development depend on a complex developmental niche. The coevolution of this niche with the genome it surrounds is a central theme in human evolution, and the developmental niche is increasingly recognised as an important cause of health and illness. Can the idea of human nature survive without the traditional dichotomy between nature and nurture, and what will this new conception of human nature look like?

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