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Mechanisms of Fraud in Biomedical Research

Workshop   17.10.2008





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Egenis and Wellcome Trust Dr Christine Hauskeller, Dept. Philosophy, University of ExeterDr Kiheung Kim, Imperial College London;Dr Helga Satzinger, Wellcome Trust Centre for the History of Medicine at UCL


Wellcome Trust Centre for the History of Medicine at UCL, 5th Floor, Seminar Room

Event details

Friday, 17 October:9.45 Registration and Refreshments10:15 Welcome10:30 Introduction 11:00 The Fraud Case of Embryonic Stem Cells in Seoul (2005/6)Kiheung Kim, Imperial College, London Scientists' advice in public controversy on stem cell research and mad cow disease in South Korea Leo Kim, BIOS Centre at LSEResponse of Korean Scientists to the Hwang's Scandal: A Network Analysis 13:00 Lunch break14:00 Mechanisms of Fraud Jenny Kitzinger, Cesagen, CardiffResponses from the UK media to the Hwang scandalMartina Franzen, Institute for Science and Technology Studies, (IWT) Univ. Bielefeld How to measure scientific misconduct: high profile cases vs. normal misbehaviour? 15:30 Refreshments16:00 Bernd Pulverer, Chief Editor, Nature Cell Biology, LondonResearch Misconduct: Plagiarism, Fraud and the Integrity of Science17:00 General discussion 18:00 Drinks reception and dinnerSaturday, 18 October:9.45 Refreshments10:00 The Whistle Blowers' Perspectives Peter Wilmshurst (RLZ), cardiologist, UK Whistle blowing - a personal experienceJonathan Marks, Dept. Anthropology, Charlotte, NC The Rise and Fall of DNA Hybridization, ca. 1980-1995, or How I Got Interested in Science Studies12:00-13:30 General discussion (over lunch)

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