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Personhood in a Neurobiological Age

Seminar   23.06.2009






Nikolas Rose, Martin White Professor of Sociology, London School of Economics and Political Sciences

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University of Exeter,Egenis,Byrne House,St Germans Road,Exeter, EX4 4PJRoom no: GF7, Byrne House

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Time: 3:30 - 5:00 PMPersonhood in a Neurobiological AgeWhat impact are contemporary developments in the neurosciences having on conceptions of personhood? Some critics claim we are seeing a wholescale neuroreductionism, the emergence of what has been termed a 'cerebral subject' in which the person is reduced to, or considered identical to, their brain. In this talk, focussing on 'advanced liberal' regions of the world, I will consider some of the transformations in that can be identified in different practices and locales, and examine the extent to which 'neuro' is replacing 'psy' in the ways in which human beings are understood and governed by others, and understand and govern themselves themselves.

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