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Conference: 'Genomics in Context'

Past event   30.11.1999






Keynote speaker, evening of 28th September:

Matt Ridley, Founding Chairman of the International Centre for Life, Newcastle-upon TynePlenary speakers, 29th-30th September:

  • Jason Scott Robert, Arizona State University
  • John Dupre, Egenis, University of Exeter
  • Peter Greenaway, Department of Health
  • Andrew Hattersley, University of Exeter
  • Karen-Sue Taussig, University of Minnesota
  • Paul Richards, Wageningen University
  • Jo Chataway, Open University
  • Joan Fujimura, University of Wisconsin
  • Stephen Hilgartner, Cornell University

Event details

Genomics no longer casts genes as the blueprint that determines traits of humans, animals or plants. Rather genes are seen as “contextual” or as part of an interactive network that encompasses the genome, the cell, the organism and the natural and social environment.

Genomics in Context explores the consequences of this shift to conceptual understandings, health-care, agriculture and interdisciplinary research.

We invited submissions for presentations that address the following questions:

  • How does genomics challenge genetic concepts and models of explanation? What new models are emerging
  • What are the hopes and threats associated with genomic research on gene-environment interaction and its application to, for example, identify susceptibilities to common disease or adverse effects of medicines and chemicals?
  • How will agriculture change, if the applications brought about by the new understanding of the genome become adopted in the developed and developing world? A contextual understanding of genomes calls for interdisciplinary research. What are the problems and possibilities of interdisciplinary work?

Genomics in Context programme (pdf) Last Updated 27th September 2005Genomics in Context abstract (pdf) Last Updated 21st September 2005

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