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Governing Genomics: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the Regulation of the Biosciences

Past event   30.11.1999






Reed Hall, University of Exeter

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Conference Theme Genetic and genomic information continue to transform the life sciences and the application of this knowledge is progressively interwoven with everyday life. It is often taken for granted that the biosciences and biotechnology require new or specific modes of governance, and this assumption appears to motivate many attempts to regulate the life sciences. But is the governance of genomics special? If so, what makes it special? What modes of regulating the biosciences are currently emerging? Does 'the public' have a special role to play in the governance of genomics? Does the idea of ‘genetic citizenship’ presuppose genetic essentialism? The conference provided a platform for discussion of these issues from various disciplinary and practitioner standpoints.

Plenary sessions explored the following themes:

  • Knowledge and Property
  • Biobanks and Standardisation
  • Governance and Knowledge at the Science-Society Interface
  • Ethical Foundations

The conference was held at Reed Hall in the University of Exeter’s Streatham campus. The conference was launched by John Dupre on 25th January 2007. Over the following days Egenis was pleased to welcome delegates and speakers from all over the UK , Europe and the USA Plenary speakers included Mark Cantley, formerly of the European Commission, Richard Moore of Eucomed, Maria Fotaki of the European Patent Office, Tony Lake, chair of the National DNA database strategy board and Hillary Rose from the Metropolitan University in London. Delegates complimented organisers on a ‘great programme’ and were positive about the ‘glorious venue’. Delegates also pointed out how the mix of backgrounds including legal, ethical and scientific ‘was conducive to getting people talking’ and resulted in ‘a fascinating meeting’.

We were pleased that the conference proved so interactive, and were delighted with the positive feedback from delegates.

Governing Genomics- Final Programme Governing Genomics Abstract Book

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