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The Regulation of Genetics Outside the State with CARR

Workshop   30.11.1999





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CARR programme(last updated 4th March 2005)

The ESRC Centre for Analysis of Risk and Regulation (CARR), based at the London School of Economics, is planning with Egenis a small conference on the regulation of genetics, to be held in Exeter on the 10th and 11th March 2005.

The idea is to organise a small workshop to explore some of the micro-contexts of biotechnology regulation. This will use case in genetics and biotechnology to expand the meaning of "regulation." The workshop will be aimed at industry and the legal profession as well as academics.

CARR has a strong focus on the study of regulation, and is interested in how the traditional objectives of regulation are externalised or "outsourced" to non-state actors, and "internalised" in organizational rules and practices. In this context, we are interested in looking at the ways in which the content and development of biotechnology products and therapies is being shaped in areas that fall outside of the direct control of the state. These include court cases and legal reasoning on the patentability of genes; research protocols in gene therapy trials; codes of ethics and organizational arrangements in research institutions; the development of technical instruments to detect and monitor new biotechnology products; the experimentation of new forms of regulation in small-scale settings; the practices that surround genetic testing and counselling; etc. Thus the focus of this workshop would be on interventions in the legal, technical and commercial realm - rather than explicit state rule-making. CARR often hold workshops with research centres in the UK, which typically run for 1-2 days and comprise about 10 speakers and some 30-40 participants.

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