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Philosophy of Biology Postgraduate Workshop

Workshop   30.11.1999





Event details

A three day workshop in the philosophy of biology, taught by Professor John Dupré, Dr Christine Hauskeller, Professor Paul Griffiths and Dr Staffan Mueller-Wille, all respected academics in the field. The workshop will provide postgraduate students with an opportunity for an in-depth discussion of recent literature in the field that addresses classical topics of philosophy of science —classification, conceptual change, and causation— in a fresh way.

More details and POB PG call for papers: [ pdf ]

POB PG programme: [ pdf ] last updated 19th April 2005POB PG outline: [pdf] last updated 19th April 2005Conference papers

Genes Made Molecular[pdf] - C Kenneth WatersPhilosophy of Science, Vol. 61, No. 2 (June., 2004), 163-185

Type Specimens and Scientific Memory[pdf] - Lorraine Daston

In Defence of Classification[pdf] - John DupreStud. His. Phil. Biol &.Biomed. Sci., Vol 32, No.2, pp203-219, 2001

General Information: A Metaphor In Search of a Theory[pdf] - Paul E GriffithsPhilosophy of Science, Vol. 68, No. 3 (Sep., 2001), 394-412

Genes [pdf] - Phillip KitcherThe British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, Vol. 33, No.4 (Dec., 1982), 337-359

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Joining Lapland and the Topinambes in Flourishing Holland[pdf] - Staffan Muller-WilleScience in Context, 16(4), 461-488 (2003)

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