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EGN Genomics and Identity Workstream: First Workshop

Workshop   30.11.1999





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University of ExeterEgenisByrne HouseSt Germans RoadExeter, EX4 4PJ

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The first workshop in the planned Network-wide workstream on ‘Genomics and Identity Politics’ will take place at Egenis on 13- 14 March 2008. The convenor is , Senior Research Fellow at Egenis.

The workshop, ‘Policing genes: Ethnicity in medicine, immigration and the census’, will explore the use of genetic testing in three social policy areas in which ethnicity is prominent: the census, immigration, and medicine. Four new papers on ethnicity and classification in these areas will be discussed, as will the public response to the proposed gene testing law in immigration in France. Guests include Professor Jean Claude Ameisen, chair of the Ethics Committee of the French National Institute of Health, Professor Jenny Reardon, Assistant Professor in Sociology at the University of California, and Dr Paul Martin, Senior Lecturer in Sociology at the University of Nottingham.

The workstream will consist of five workshops run across the Network over the next 18 months exploring aspects of the theme of identity which runs through much of the work at the EGN’s research centres.

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