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Time, Genomics, and the Social: Some Anthropological Thoughts on "Biotemporality

Seminar   24.06.2008






Dr Matt Hodges, Research Fellow, Egenis

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University of Exeter,Egenis, Byrne House,St Germans Road,Exeter, EX4 4PJ

Room no: GF7, Byrne House

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Time: 3:30 - 5:00 PM

How might the temporal dimensions of lived experience be theorised in studies of “biosociality”? A number of dominant paradigms exist in the social sciences – historical methodologies, memory studies – but recently, theorists have also proposed approaches founded in the study of time, temporality, and emergence.

In a critical discussion of anthropological approaches to time I illustrate how these might be productively adapted for the task. Parallels then emerge with posthumanist approaches in the sociology of science; and a model for theorising social and material processes is apparent in which temporal analysis plays a more central role.

The question of whether “biotemporality” might operate as a conceptual adjunct to biosociality, or whether an alternative framework is called for, will therefore be addressed as the seminar progresses.

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