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Screen Talks - 'Rain Man'

Public event   22.04.2013






Dr Ginny Russell (Egenis)

Organised by

University of Exeter Arts and Culture/College of Humanities


Exeter Picturehouse, Bartholomew Street West, Exeter

Event details

In partnership with Picturehouse Cinemas, the University of Exeter's Screen Talks brings you a fantastic programme of films selected by experts in Film, Literature, History and Culture. Each screening includes a brief introduction to the film and time for an informal discussion afterwards in the Picturehouse bar.

On 22 April the Sickness on the Screen series continues. Dr Ginny Russell will introduce Barry Levinson's Rain Man (1988), a film that both raised awareness of autism and yet attracted criticism fromthe autism community for leading to a common stereotype that all people with autism have savant skills. As well as discussing the film and its idea of the ‘autistic hero’, an informal discussion in the bar after the screening will touch on these issues.

All are welcome - buy tickets through Picturehouse Cinemas, or at the door. Tickets are half price on Mondays with a student card. Screen Talks is a University of Exeter Arts and Culture initiative.

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