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Re-distributing Expertise: Creativity – Conditions – Materiality

Workshop   31.01.2013






Professor Steve Hinchliffe (Geography)Dr Christine Hauskeller (Philosophy)Dr Karen Bickerstaff (Geography)Mr Philip Johnstone (Geography)Professor Richard Owen (Business School)Ms Marfuga Iskandarova (Business School)

Organised by

Dr Martina Tyrell for the Science, Technology and Culture theme of the HASS Strategy


Byrne House, University of Exeter (Streatham campus)

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As co-production and public engagement with science and technology has superseded a more communicative public understanding agenda, it is useful to take stock of the ways in which expertise is imagined, spatialised, co-ordinated, or otherwise, within science. How, in turn, are publics imagined and produced? This half-day workshop will examine the creativity, the conditions, the materiality of re-distributing expertise; exploring University of Exeter’s existing intellectual strengths and potentials for on-going and future interdisciplinary collaboration. In advance of the workshop, participants will be provided with key readings to guide and inform an afternoon of open discussion and idea-sharing, led by six discussants:

All are welcome to attend, and lunch will be provided. To register for the event and access the key readings, please contact Dr Martina Tyrrell in Geography m.a.tyrrell@exeter.ac.uk

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