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The Impact of Genomics on Disease Classification

Workshop   02.12.2009






Dr. Nina Hallowell, Centre for Population Health Sciences, Edinburgh University

Professor Alan Horwitz, Sociology, Rutgers University

Professor Anneke Lucassen, School of Medicine, University of Southampton

Professor Michael Owen, Director of the MRC Centre for Neuropsychiatric Genetics and

Genomics, Cardiff University

Dr. Katherine Payne, School Of Medicine, Manchester University

Organised by

Professor Adam Hedgecoe, Cesagen


Victor Salvi room, Millennium Centre, Cardiff Bay, Cardiff

Event details

This workshop is part of the ESRC Genomics Network's 'Health Technologies and Health Systems' Workstream.

The ways in which technologies will evolve and touch the lives of patients in different contexts will depend on the numerous and complex ways in which ‘health systems’ interact with, shape and are in turn influenced by new science and technology. Whilst technologies and product innovation are developed in firms and research institutes that operate globally, health systems are largely nationally based. This means that new technologies, drugs and treatments may reach various sets of patients, doctors and other consumers in radically different ways.

It is also the case that there tends to be a profound gulf between researchers working on understanding innovation in life sciences and researchers of different health systems. Thus understandings of the ways in which health systems and health innovation interact with each other are poorly understood. The seminars organised as part of this workstream aim to address this gap.

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