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Science as Politics Workshops

CafĂ© Scientifique   06.10.2009






Seminar room, Byrne House, University of Exeter, St Germans Road, Streatham Campus

Event details

Egenis, together with Cafe Scientifique is running a series of three highly interactive workshops for members of the public and phd students. The workshops are funded by the ESRC and the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills. These meetings follow on from Barry Barnes' Cafe Scientifique talk: 'Science as Politics'. Each meeting will run from 1pm - 2.30 pm.

The first workshop, on the 6th October, will centre around the questions 'What is science' and 'What is the function of science in modern society?' , and will be kicked off by a short talk from Barry Barnes.

The second workshop on the 13th October will address representations of science on TV and in the media. We will start the session by showing a short popular science TV programme and this will be followed by a discussion of how the science is presented, both on screen and more widely.

At the final workshop on the 20th October we will consider the parallels between science and religion, and/or take a look at how the scientific research agenda is driven: whether through funding, fashion or discovering the fact. We will provide you with a lunch bag with some delicious lunch in it, a comfortable chair and maybe even a pen. The workshop series is open to members of the public but numbers are limited so please register for a place as soon as possible.

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