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Prof Michael Parker 'Mapping ethics in a collaborative global malaria genomic epidemiology network (MalariaGEN)'

Seminar   01.12.2009






Prof Michael Parker, Director of Ethox Centre, University of Oxford

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University of Exeter,Egenis,Byrne House,St Germans Road,Exeter, EX4 4PJRoom no: GF7, Byrne House

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Time: 3:30 - 5:00 PMGenome wide association studies (GWAS) relevant to the needs of developing countries require the bringing together of very large samples sets of cases and controls – to be found largely in developingcountries- with cutting-edge genotyping facilities and statistical expertise – to be found largely in developed country settings. This has led to a shift in global health research towards more collaborative, networked approaches bringing together research groups in both the developing and developed worlds. An example of this is the Malaria Genomic Epidemiology Network (MalariaGEN) which brings together researchers from 24 sites in 21 countries. The majority of these sites are in sub-Saharan Africa and South East Asia, but the consortium also includes partners in the UK, USA, France and Italy.I am carrying out some ethnographic research on the ethical aspects of collaborative global health research. As a part of that research I have conducted a small number of interviews with diverse participants in the MalariaGEN network exploring the key ethical and moral factors in the building and maintenance of an international scientific research consortium. In this talk I will report on some preliminary findings and raise some questions for discussion about the methodological issues arising in attempts to understand ethics in the context of collaborative global health research.

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