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Egenis · Events

Mechanism and causation workshop

Workshop   23.04.2013

Screen Talks - 'Rain Man'

Public event   22.04.2013

Systems Biology Skills X-change

Workshop   22.03.2013

Anthropology of Kinship(s)

Workshop   28.02.2013

Making Data Accessible to All

Conference   12.07.2012

The Big Question: The ethics of science

Public event   02.05.2012

Robustness in biology and engineering

Workshop   16.03.2012

Empirical Ethics

Workshop   14.01.2011

Reason, Theology and the Genome

Conference   09.10.2010

Human Heredity in the Twentieth Century

Conference   02.09.2010

Data-driven science: why and how?

Public event   15.04.2010

Models as Active Spaces

Public event   17.03.2010

Non-invasive prenatal genetic testing - a moral maze?

ESRC Festival of Social Science   16.03.2010

The Future of the Codex Alimentarius

Workshop   16.03.2010

Egenis Seminar with Dr Alison Kraft

Seminar   10.11.2009

Science as Politics Workshops

Café Scientifique   06.10.2009

Personhood in a Neurobiological Age

Seminar   23.06.2009

Egenis Seminar with Ernesto Schwartz

Seminar   17.03.2009

Is Embryo Research the Limit?

Workshop   12.03.2009

Darwin and faith

Past event   11.03.2009

On Board With Darwin

Past event   11.03.2009

The Future of Medicine: Innovation from bench to bedside

ESRC Festival of Social Science   10.03.2009

Egenis seminar with Dan Nicholson

Seminar   27.01.2009

Egenis Seminar with Dr Iain Lang

Seminar   12.01.2009

Egenis Seminar (to be confirmed)

Seminar   12.01.2009

Egenis seminar with Dr Susan Kelly

Seminar   09.12.2008

Open House for Students

Public event   05.12.2008

Egenis seminar with Dr Karola Stotz

Seminar   18.11.2008

Genomics and Society: Reinventing Life?

Conference   27.10.2008

Egenis seminar with Jean Harrington

Seminar   21.10.2008

Revisiting the Origin of Genetics

Seminar   13.05.2008

CSG & EGN's Amsterdam conference

Conference   17.04.2008

Egenis seminar-title to be confirmed

Seminar   06.03.2008

Off Human Nature

Seminar   06.03.2008

Meeting of Minds

Workshop   30.11.1999

Representing Genes results seminar

Workshop   30.11.1999

Methodology Surgery

Past event   30.11.1999

Ethics of Cloning

Past event   30.11.1999


Past event   30.11.1999

Conference: 'Genomics in Context'

Past event   30.11.1999

Conference: 'Meanings of Genomics'

Past event   30.11.1999